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7 Ways to Beat the Blues

Cybelle is such an inspiration to me, I adore her. I thought this could be a useful post to some of you, so here you go. xo

The Messy Heads

A note from Emma:I first met Cybelle last fall. I was a new freshman in a dorm with a new blog and a new P.O. box, and she sent me the first package I ever received. Inside were gem stones, tea packets, confetti, and the loveliest note. I sat in the coffee shop under the art building shaking and reading it. I immediately called her right after and we talked on the phone for about three hours about life, social media, ambitions, college, and genuine happiness. We finally met in person just last month when I was visiting my grandma in Portland. We literally movie-style ran into each other’s arms and hugged for a solid five minutes. I love her creativity, spirit, and her instagram captions, so I asked her to write a post for the blog. Hope you love her as much as I do.

This post is for the…

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